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The New Year and Its accompanying Resolutions


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The holiday season seems to pass by in a whirlwind blur of shopping, wrapping paper and shiny new toys. It can be hurried and stressful, but it is also a wonderful season filled with loved ones, parties, festive food and gift exchanges.

2014 will soon be over and the new year of 2015 will be upon us.

New Year’s Resolutions

2015 is a blank canvas. What new goals are you striving for? It’s estimated that 43% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. Every year after the Christmas excitement wanes, people get inspired as they think about the fresh upcoming new year. No doubt healthier goals fit somewhere into most resolutions. Whether it’s kicking bad habits or creating good ones, the majority of folks want healthier lifestyles. Heart Healthy Gift Baskets are the perfect New Year’s gift. Healthy Food Gift Baskets are filled with delicious gourmet treats that won’t hurt those waistline goals. An indulgent treat is just what they need to keep striving for their goals. The key is to have the indulgent treats be healthy.

How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

After years of making and breaking resolutions, we’ve found a few key strategies to actually keep resolutions.

  • Be specific. Your goals need to be specific. Don’t just say you want to save money. Decide on the dollar amount of money you want to save. Something like, “I want to have X amount of money in my IRA by the December 2015.” Once you have a concrete idea in your mind, it’s easier to see results and reach your goal.
  • Have a plan. You’ve decided you want to lose X amount of pounds. That’s great. Your goal is specific. Now, make a plan on how to get there. Are you going to avoid fast food on the week days? Are you avoiding sugar? Maybe you will treat yourself to a monthly sugarless treat, like a Sugar Free Healthy Snacks Gift Basket. If you don’t have a plan, your goals will get jumbled and lost. Your resolution will go down the drain, waiting until the 2016 New Year to be made again.
  • Forgive mistakes. It’s inevitable. You will slip. You might have a slice of pecan pie or purchase a new electronic toy. Don’t fret too much. Yes, of course mistakes hurt your progress, but they won’t be detrimental to your goal. Admit to yourself that you made a mistake and then move on.
  • Allow indulgences. Oftentimes resolutions include sacrifice. Make sure to treat yourself with indulgences that help your goals. If you don’t, you may burn out fairly quickly. For instance let’s say you’re watching your calorie intake so you avoid your favorite restaurant. Purchase Healthy Snacks Gift Baskets to get delicious, gourmet treats that won’t hurt your waistline.

Helping You Keep New Year’s Resolutions

To some naysayers, making New Year’s resolutions seems silly. They don’t think that you need a special day to change bad habits, and they’re right. But there is something about looking at a fresh year that contains no mistakes.

New Year’s resolutions are not really about changing bad habits. Resolutions are about creating good habits and SimplySweetGiftBaskets.com makes keeping resolutions easy. For those watching their wallets, we have Gift Baskets for any budget. A Healthy Snacks Gift Basket is perfect for gift recipients who are trying to get in shape. For those watching their waistlines, we have an assortment of Healthy Food Gift Baskets. From Heart Healthy Gift Baskets to Sugar Free Healthy Snacks Gift Baskets, we can help you meet your goals or a loved one’s goals. Healthy Snacks Gift Baskets are the perfect gift for those watching their calorie intake.

Have a wonderful and happy 2015!

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